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Explore Your Ideas with Xploree AI Keyboard

It’s time to step away from the usual tedious keyboards. Get a smooth and smart user experience with an easy-to-use AI generating Xploree keyboard. Personalize, customize, translate and browse according to your preferences; do more than just typing. With Xploree, you can achieve the unthinkable.

180+ Global Languages

49 Indic


50+ Partners

About Us.
Begin to explore your interests and ideas, all in a Click.
Xploree strives for the finest user experience through customization and personalization. Designed with the latest AI technology from a group of masterminds, Xploree AI keyboard will be your smartest companion to explore favorite themes, emoticons, stickers, GIFs search preferences and much more. Keyboard usage is no longer tedious with this AI mediated technology that lets you access the latest trends, make personal stickers, go multilingual and even switch between apps from the keyboard itself.

Xploree recognizes your interests and curates the AI keyboard experience accordingly. With a collection of 180+ global languages and 49 Indic languages, Xploree speaks your language. With Xploree AI keyboard, one can now have personalized dictionary and text shortcuts for a flawless communication. Having partnered with top companies, you can easily access discounts and promotions from Zomato, Flipkart, Amazon, House joy, Coupon Dunia, Hungama, Book My Show, and more with Xploree. Made with modernity and innovation, Xploree is smarter than your normal keyboard.

Prime features of Xploree Ai keyboard

Xploree Ai Keyboard does not really require a lengthy introduction. This innovative flexi keyboard technology conquered the global market with the latest features, customizable formats and a highly personalized Ai keyboard experience. Apart from the frequent useful updates which work as per the timely needs of the user, Xploree offers certain prime features that makes it one of the best free mobile keyboard apps for android.

User Discoveries: Xploree can Discover for You

Have you thought how fun it will be to have all your interests in a single click? With Xploree, you can now access your favorite sports scores, fashion, trends, music, news and much more. Xploree is the latest keyboard technology made in India that recognizes the interests and needs of the user before curating the best possible outcomes.

Go Multilingual: Xploree Speaks Your Language

Xploree is known for its multilingual capacity. The services from Xploree are provided in 180+ languages, which also includes 39+ Indic languages. The language options in Xploree are versatile, customizable and ceaseless. In addition to the type-in native languages feature, the users can even combine their native languages with English, for instance like Hinglish, Assamenglish or Banglish. Language will never be a barrier anymore to communicate because Xploree speaks your language.

Text Shortcuts and Dictionary: Your Time is Valued

This is one of the most user captivating features from Xploree. Xploree Ai keyboard has features such as text prediction and word shortcuts to save time and make conversations compact. These suggestions from Xploree are simple and quick, making Xploree the most innovative addition among the smartphone keyboards across the world.

Stickers: Share Your Emotions Freely, and For Free

Xploree has that superiority of having the best stickers and emoji keyboard currently available in the Appstore. Along with multiple custom themes, Gifs and emojis, a user can create personal stickers with Xploree. Don’t step back in expressing your emotions when Xploree Ai keyboard is available at your fingertips. Moreover, multiple shopping apps are available within this Ai keyboard itself. Shop clothes, Order food, buy books, do what you love with Xploree without switching between apps.

In App Search: Browsing Made Easy

Xploree helps in your browsing journey, making it easy and convenient. With Xploree, the user does not have to download or launch any app individually. Xploree Ai keyboard allows the user to search and browse directly from the keyboard itself. Next time, remember that you don’t have to switch from chatting to browse something.

Customize and Personalize: Make the Keyboard Yours

The characteristics of Xploree mentioned above definitely shows the user friendly and customizable nature of the keyboard. But ultimately, all the features provided by Xploree is unique and personalized for each user. Emoticons, themes, stickers, and a one-time log-in that recognizes and saves each user make Xploree unique among the crowd. Xploree also provides several multilingual services including translation, native language and multilingual gifs and emojis.

Xploree For Business

Branding and growth mechanisms are never consistent, it rather works along with modern advancements. Use Xploree’s AI powered facilities to give the brand a new face. Promote your products and services by making it available in a click with Xploree’s in-keyboard features. Make your brand visible and digital marketing easier with Xploree.


Just amazing. Best predictions ever since I have been using smartphone. It works well even when I write hindi words in English.

Sujeet Kumar

I loved it. A standard keyboard that delivers best of what it gives. I really like it.

Niveditha CV

It’s quality is very good and easy to use.


Alok Sharma

Xploree Solutions For Infotainment Systems

Infotainment: The Perfect Blend of Information and Entertainment

“A smart virtual keyboard can be helpful in the car infotainment system by providing an easy and efficient way for the user to input text, such as for searching for destinations or entering a phone number for hands-free calling. It can also provide predictive text and autocomplete features to make the input process faster and more accurate. Additionally, a virtual keyboard can be designed to be used with voice commands, allowing the user to input text without having to take their eyes off the road.Xploree for Infotainment : Virtual Keyboard with smart discovery platform and Infotainment solution

The first AI-powered multilingual mobile keyboard software in the world understands user intent and interests and instantly suggests relevant material. Xploree can also be used in the automotive industry’s infotainment system.”

Xploree AI keyboard experience: The finest Android keyboard Xploree, recently released a library of over 180+ languages from around the world and 49 Indic languages. It also features automated transliteration, amusing themes, popular GIFs, eye-catching stickers, and trending avatars which will liven up conversations as well as the ability to search your emoticons within the search bar.

Multilingual support: Xploree keyboard allows users to switch between different languages and input characters from various scripts using a single input device.

Smart replies: The application suggests text/keywords based on AI.

Smart/Quick emoji’s: Xploree’s smart emoji’s feature helps the user to reply with easiest ways possible.

Glide Feature: Xploree’s glide feature helps the user to enter a word by swiping across the keyboard without lifting a finger.

Speech to Text: Xploree AI powered keyboard is equipped with listening feature. Where a user can simply click on the Mic button present on the keyboard to get the words in text.

OTT Integration: OTT integration allows drivers and passengers to access their favorite streaming services, music, and other media directly from the car’s infotainment system, without the need of additional devices or apps.

Messaging: Through Xploree smart Infotainment keyboard a user can reply to any message in 4 most AI powered ways.

Contact suggestion: The keyboard can suggest phone contact and other details based on the initial input (name)

Music suggestion: The moment user click on the search and mention the initial few letter of the Artist/Music on the keyboard in order to make it easy for the user.

Navigation: Xploree keyboard suggest user location for the travel with the help of auto fill features.

Touch correction: This feature help user in getting the keyboard adjusted according to the used practice of user using the keyboard.

Voice Command: Xploree AI powered keyboard is equipped with listening feature. Where a user can process a command to the infotainment system.

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