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How Chatbots and Assistants are Perfectly Fitting into a Woman’s World

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  • March 8, 2018July 1, 2022

Calls for women empowerment seem to be getting louder with each passing year. It is heartwarming to see the struggles women are going through to bring about gender equality to walk shoulder to shoulder with the opposite sex. International women’s day celebrated on the 8th of March every year is a tribute to the women who are leading from the front.


In this article we talk about the much talked about AI powered chatbots and related developments that are focused on empowering women around the world.


Bots to pull women out of depression

Women go through a lot be it at their home or at the workplace. The continuous discrimination and demand for more from family and friends can take a toll on the strongest of women. All women need, when faced with a tumultuous time is a keen ear that listens to their woes and guides and pacifies them. This is exactly what ‘Woebot’ a chatbot has been created for. The Woebot engages the user with cognitive behavioral therapy by inquiring how the users is feeling at any given moment. It then shares links to videos that can help. The Woebot website to encourage users has shared the following message on their website, ‘No couches, no meds, no childhood stuff. Just strategies to improve your mood. And the occasional dorky joke. You can use Woebot on Facebook Messenger as well.


Bots as a beauty therapist or assistants

Women are considered the most beautiful creation of god, not just for outwardly appearance but the humble and caring soul that resides within. While most women do not bother much about how they look there are some, especially teenagers who are very conscious about how they look. Their consciousness can sometimes lead to lack of confidence and reclusiveness. To address the concerns of teenagers a multinational dermatologist firm has created a created a chatbot that acts as an elder sister for young teens, clarifying doubts related to skin care. OH MY BOT the website that published the case study mentions that women are asked simple questions related to their age, skin type and the problem they are faced with to suggest remedies.


Bots as protectors

If there is anything, related to women, that needs immediate attention in a country like India then it must be women safety. We are all aware of the abuse women are faced with day in and out, rape, domestic violence, eve teasing are just a few ways women are subjected to physical and mental trauma. There have been many interventions to address women safety issues but none that looked to use a chatbot. A Mumbai based visually impaired programmer has done just that by creating a chatbot that can be accessed remotely to anonymously raise sexual harassment issues. The chatbot named safecitybot records the complaint and the location to alert authorities by locating the user on a map available on the site.


There are many other fields where the use of chatbots is helping women, be it pre-natal health care or caring for a new born. The evolution of chatbots is ensuring that there is readily available advice and guidance for women at the click of a button. Hoping the evolution continues and technological developments help more and more women without a bias.