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Fun Sticker Chat For Every Mood

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  • December 3, 2021January 31, 2023
People spend a significant amount of time using keyboards on their mobile devices every day for sending and receiving emails, sending texts, engaging on social media, etc. The Xploree keyboard is designed and developed by KeyPoint Technologies an Indian based company that includes many cool features such as GIF’s, Stickers, themes, Pixture effects etc. Each GIF, sticker, theme has their own unique look. When it comes to smartphone usage, we all have different preferences and most of us like to customize the keyboards as per our convenience.AI-powered Xploree keyboard reads what a user is trying to do and offers relevant recommendations just when you need them. Xploree Keyboard offers a range of customization options so that it can be truly personalized, also allowing you to even customize your stickers and stamps. This way you can chat with your friends in an interesting manner and make the conversations more fun and exciting. The Pixture effects on the keyboard allows the user to create selfie stickers, cartoons and photo stamps with their own personal pictures and more. For this you can choose images from your gallery and share it with your friends. You can even save your personalized stickers for future use. How To Use Pixture Effects:  In this section of Xploree keyboard there are two different feature options. 1. Cartoons 2. Stamps
  • Open the keypad > go to toolbar > Pixture Effects > Choose Cartoon or Stamps
  • You can choose images from your gallery to give a personal touch to the stickers (Cartoon and Stamps)
  • Almost everything we do on our smartphones involves the keyboard, whether it’s texting, shopping online, or posting on social media. The Xploree AI keyboard developed by KeyPoint Technologies offers all the features you’ve ever wanted in a keyboard. With Xploree sticker keyboard, you’ll never run into a dull moment while chatting with your friends and family. You can download the app for free without upgrading or purchasing it. There are no In-App purchases as well. Earlier there were very limited options to share gifs and stickers now you can create many more personalized stamps and cartoons and share it in sticker form to make your conversations fun and interesting. We assure the users with maximum privacy and data protection.
Xploree is more than just a keyboard… Download/Upgrade to the latest version of Xploree to enjoy all its latest features