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Frost and Sullivan Award Recognizes Innovation in Mobile Marketing – Xploree

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  • September 15, 2015July 7, 2022
“The “next generation” of mobile marketing involves redefining the existing mobile customer engagement model to allow marketers to leverage a predictive and intent-based targeting mechanism to deliver suitable brand messages to consumers on their mobile devices“ ~ Frost&Sullivan
The next generation mobile marketing solution – Xploree is honored by the award and we look forward to the award ceremony by Frost & Sullivan honoring Xploree with the 2015 North American New Product Innovation Award on Sept 16th – 17th at Santa Clara, CA.
About the award
Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has developed an innovative element in a product by leveraging leading-edge technologies. The award recognizes the value-added features/benefits of the product and the increased ROI it offers customers, which, in turn, increases customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.
Frost & Sullivan Global President and Managing Partner Krishna Srinivasan says, “KeyPoint Technologies has done a remarkably good job of understanding brands and users needs in the mobile marketing industry and developing an innovative new product to address those needs. Its Xploree Product is uniquely positioned for sustained success because it addresses the core issues that marketers care about—quality, features, and business impact.”
Addressing the inadequacies of present mobile marketing solutions
Frost and Sullivan analysts ascertained the problems with present mobile marketing technologies where the consumers are often face the inability to find information in that specific moment of intent or event to bookmark of flag a relevant offer for viewing at a later time. Additionally, a push-based approach to mobile marketing (versus allowing consumers to actively seek campaigns based on their needs in a particular moment) are some issues which mobile marketers must address to achieve better user engagement and acceptance.

Key-Challenges-Mobile-Marketing-Frost-Sullivan Key challenges in existing Mobile Marketing, Global, 2015

Some of the key challenges in existing mobile marketing were identified as:
  • Capturing user intent at the right moment
  • Lack of differentiated search and discovery experience
  • Fragmented user experience delivered by marketers on mobile applications
  • Difficulty in mobile application marketing
  • Ad technology is not searchable
According to Frost & Sullivan “Hyper-intelligent mobile marketing solutions should bring value to consumers by helping them discover services and products that they actually need, as opposed to attempting to predict what a consumer might need based on various first and third party data sets. For example, a user standing in front of a retail store may not have an intent to buy from that store, while a user chatting with a friend a few miles away may have expressed a need to purchase home supplies. Therefore, location-based marketing is more “hope driven” while “intent-based” marketing is more actionable and is of service to the user.”
How Xploree was selected
Upon review of potential competition, Frost & Sullivan found that the patent pending Search and Discovery platform Xploree has the potential to bridge the gap between intent and action with relevance and enhance user engagement in the most effective ways as compared to any of the existing solutions.
Highlights of this report:
  • Innovation in Next-Generation Mobile Marketing:
As the industry’s first user-initiated, hyper-contextual platform with language intelligence that conveniently connects mobile device users with brand offers and services in the exact moment of need, Xploree can help deliver significantly improved results when compared to the current mobile marketing mechanisms.  
  • Incredible Cross-app Reach:
Xploree can deliver compelling marketing experiences for the users based on how they engage with different apps. Xploree can achieve “intent-based” targeting. Importantly, Xploree can do this across multiple types of application environments, including mobile search, mobile instant messaging, mobile email, mobile commerce, and mobile app stores.
  • Innovative Technology:
By leveraging advanced pre-targeting and language intelligence capabilities, Xploree can serve the unmet needs of brands and marketers. The solution is a win-win for the ecosystem participants, including brands, device OEMs, mobile operators, and, ultimately, consumers.”   We thank Frost and Sullivan for this prestigious award. Email us at to get a copy of the report.