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iMedihub Partners with Xploree Chatbots to Deliver Conversational Experience

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  • November 1, 2018July 1, 2022

11/2/18 Hyderabad: iMedihub – a leading supplier of health information technology solutions and services, has tied up with Xploree AI chatbots to better engage patients and improve efficiency among the hospital staff including doctors.


Indian healthcare is evolving at a rapid scale and has been at the forefront of adopting technological advancements. Chatbots- by the virtue of its conversational interface has recently caught everyone’s attention but its adoption rate in the Indian healthcare system is still low.


To bridge this gap, iMedihub has integrated Xploree chatbots into their solutions providing conversational interfaces to meet user and hospital needs. iMedihub has already partnered with leading hospitals in Hyderabad including Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital, Jubilee Hospitals, Star Hospitals, MNJ Hospitals, Tesla Polyclinics, etc. Xploree bots will be enabling the chatbot experience of all partner hospitals, who opt in for the service.


Partha Sarathi Reddy Bijjam, CEO-iMedihub said, “Physicians and Hospitals should be able to focus more on patients, rather than spending much time on handling/searching for paper work. It is often the case that lot of time is spent on updating information and doing other clerical work. The partnership and the chatbot here, comes with the promise of becoming competent assistants aiding the patients, physicians and hospitals, by providing easy to use conversational interfaces”


Nutan ChokkaReddy, CEO-KeyPoint Technologies said, “Modern day patients and hospitals want fast, easy access to information; a self-service option where interactions are prompt, personal and conversational. Xploree bots will help iMedihub and eventually its partners to manage patient appointments, referrals, follow ups, enquiries in a more seamless, multilingual and personalized way.”


Xploree bots on the iMedihub platform will be multifaceted. The patient facing bots will be taking patient enquiries while the same AI powered bots, integrated with the Health Management Information System, processes the available data making it available through a simplified conversational interface for the hospital’s internal use. Xploree supports more than 180 languages both global and indic. As such, its AI algorithms will be able draw context from the conversation to meet a user’s need in multiple languages, fundamentally changing the traditional doctor-patient-hospital collaboration.


About iMedihub

iMediHub is a healthcare standard product which empowers comprehensive healthcare information management system, engineered with enterprise experience to simplify operations and management. iMediHub provides business intelligence and analytic tools to assist industry with processed valuable information. It has implementation partners other than IHub preventing dependency/lockout to a single vendor.


About Xploree, KeyPoint Technologies

Xploree Bot Platform is a product developed by KeyPoint Technologies- a leader in innovative language technology. Xploree supports more than 180 languages that includes 49 Indic languages and 130+ global languages. Xploree bots supports all major integrations and comes with multiple templates, categories and entities.