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Your Keyboard: One Interface for All Applications!

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  • April 4, 2018July 1, 2022

A strong reason for the phenomenal rise and acceptance of smartphones is the multifunctional capabilities it possesses. With so much available in a small handy device the demand and imagination of users for more utility has soared. The spurt in development of applications, looking to make the complex simple by addressing the different needs of the users have further fueled the imagination of users. The user today desires that there is a smartphone application to address all his myriad needs. The biggest long-standing wish for most users is to find a, ‘one interface for all’. A single interface that helps them perform multiple activities be it book movie tickets, cabs, services, shop online for clothes, groceries or any other commodity or check on the latest news updates.


One interface for all!

While there have been many applications developed to address the above needs of users, none have come close to doing it through the most important and integral part of smartphones. One that on average is accessed 60 times a day and is the quite essential interface that enables 90% of interaction with other applications. Xploree AI Keyboard App is the world’s 1st AI powered mobile keyboard application that has been developed to fill this void. A keyboard that understands user’s intent and recommends contextual content in real time, catering to his umpteen needs through a single interface, without infringing on his privacy.


What is remarkable about the keyboard application is that it has been developed keeping in mind the language preferences of users. The keyboard can assist users in 150+ global and 30+ Indic languages providing the same functionality and utility that is available to English users which predominantly is the default language in almost all keyboards and devices.


The unique feature in the keyboard that ensures the capturing of intent to serve suggestions in real time to users is non-intrusive, meaning the suggestions do not pop up on the screen annoyingly. The suggestions and discoveries appear when the user presses on the presto icon, aligned to the top right corner of the keyboard.


Boon for Marketers!

The keyboard apart from being a ‘one interface for all’ for users is also a boon to advertisers and marketers. It provides marketers and advertisers opportunities to present their products and services at the exact moment of need reducing the friction that unwanted solicitation can cause, while increasing the chances of the user accepting or consuming the product or service. It also enables marketers to reach out to a wider audience in the language preferred by the user.


Present day smartphone users though spoilt with choices are still on the lookout for an application that serves multiple utilities. Xploree AI Keyboard appears as an apt solution that not just serves the basic functionality of typing and conversing in multiple languages, it also helps users shop, dine, stay updated with the latest news, search and discover content, all in real time. Xploree serves contextually relevant, non-intrusive content on the go, acting as a trust worthy companion and the much desired, ‘one interface for all’.