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How To Make The Most Of This Diwali Sale?

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  • October 28, 2016July 1, 2022

SALE! SALE! SALE! With the festival of lights soon approaching, you’re bound to come across this word, everywhere you go. It’s raining offers, deals, discounts and making the right choice is truly turning into a rigorous activity.


If you’re a true shopaholic, the word ‘Sale’ is sure to set some bells ringing! Just the thought of a discount can drive us crazy! However, your wallet may turn dry by the end of the sale festival. At such times, it’s essential to shop wisely.

Here are some life hacks that will help you shop like a pro, this Diwali:


When is the right time to buy?

Most e-commerce sites have deals that only last for a limited time. Moreover, the best deals go out in seconds and sometimes, the most lucrative offers remain out of plain sight. The trick lies in grabbing the right deal at the right moment. Be aware of fluctuating prices and steal the deal when the price is at its lowest. Make sure you book the item before it goes out of stock!



What’s the best place to buy?

The online market is vast and spiralling. Stress not! Your phone could be the key to smart shopping.

Tonnes of lucrative offers are available exclusively for mobile users. While you come across a million deals on-the-go, your smartphone could pave the way to find the best shopping medium.

There are several online portals that conduct sales simultaneously. This might get confusing. The lack of comparability may result in excess expenditures. At such times, remember that there’s an app that has all the answers. 😉


How should you buy?

It’s not possible for the human eye to scan every deal and make the right choice. However, Xploree is here to do that just for you!

The app intelligently filters and offers you the best deals in the form of discoveries. It directs you to the right products on the right platforms. Xploree makes the whole Diwali shopping experience, a pleasure. It sorts out products from some of the biggest e-commerce giants and presents you with discoveries that are just for you.


With Xploree on your phone, you no longer have to hunt for products rigorously. The app brings it to you and eventually simplifies the process. While you’re chatting, Xploree understands your intent and gives you discoveries accordingly. If you’re looking for a specific product, just ask Xploree and make the most of the discoveries in store.

This sale festival, make sure you stay on top of the shopping game! How, you ask? Just switch to Xploree and have a pocket-friendly Diwali!