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Technologies That Will Propel India Into The Future!

India has experienced unprecedented growth, thanks to the development in the field of technology. Technology has enabled India to not just provide identities to its more than billion strong population, it has also positively impacted different sectors such as education, healthcare, governance etc. As India’s reliance and competence in the filed of technology grows, mentioned below are technologies to watch out for. Technologies set to reshape the technological landscape in the country.


Artificial Intelligence: AI or artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm and India is no different. The influence and scope of AI technology is such that even the nations Prime Minister made a mention of it suggesting the impact AI can have on healthcare, student-teacher ratio, farming problems or bridging the language gap. It is not just the nations head who is feeling positive about AI’s impact, a report published by an IT major, Accenture, states that the Indian economy stands to gain a whopping $957 billion with the help of artificial intelligence. While there are some like Elon Musk and Late Stephen Hawking’s who expressed their apprehensions about the viability of AI and raised concerns that it could be used unethically if regulations were not in place, there are others such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft founder, Bill Gates who are confident that AI will cater to the larger good of humanity. While it is too premature to state whether the evolution in AI will help eradicate or create problems, the amount of interest and investments in the technology is a sure sign that the world and India is keen to adopt and develop the technology further.


Language Technology: One technology that holds immense potential in respect to India is, ‘Language Technology’. Language technology pertains to the processing and understanding of human language both speech and text to help machines understand and comprehend the nuances and complexities of human communication. The reason language technology holds great importance in India is the diversity that exists within the country. Any business or for that matter government looking to enable technologies to reach out to the huge diaspora of population residing in the nook and corner of the nation needs to have the expertise in language technology to make sense to the diverse crowd. There are 22 languages that are currently considered or referred to as scheduled languages. The spread and reach of these languages varies as per region making it important for any business or government agency to have capabilities to address the population in the language of their choice to have maximum impact. The widening reach of internet connected smartphones is ensuring that more and more people are consuming digital products and services. But the internet connected smartphone population is also challenged with their limited understanding of the default English language. Industry leading localization services which work on the fundamentals of language technology, taking into consideration the cultural and behavioral aspects of a region can be a boon for industry and or government agencies looking to penetrate the Indian market with their digital products and services.


Mobile Technologies: Internet connected smartphones have brought about unprecedented development in many spheres. Today, the smartphone is equipped with applications that help keep track of health, wealth, happiness and what not. With continuous impetus from the government encouraging digital transformation, there is more possibility mobile technologies will only get better. An apt example developed by a private entity that immediately comes to mind is the Xploree AI Keyboard app. It is a fresh look at the most used feature on the mobile, ‘the keyboard’. Xploree AI Keyboard app is the worlds first AI powered keyboard app that works on intent, meaning it provides suggestions and discoveries based on the context of an individual’s conversations, enabling him to shop, dine, book services etc. conveniently through the keyboard. Alternately it helps users communicate in 150+ global and 28 Indic languages as well as transliterate in 11 Indian languages. A true flag bearer of the advancement and convenience emerging and developing mobile technologies can bring to human lives.


On ‘National Technology Day’, wishing the technological landscape in our country keeps evolving to help the country advance, giving us many more reasons to celebrate and observe National Technology Day with pride, on the 11 of May every year.