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The Future of Mobile Search and Discovery

Traditional search models that have worked well for desktop environments are not well-suited for the on-the-go mobile users. Mobile search and discovery is seeing a fast paced evolution with availability of vast amount of user data including social network conversations, preset or future locations, past actions or current searches. But is this sufficient? Mobile discovery services that can recommendations to users on what they intend to do rather than what they have done in past is the game changer.

Over 60% of smartphone consumers are accessing local information such as business directories, maps, local restaurants, movies information etc. Although many location-based technologies are making it easier for marketers and retailers to reach consumers in a target area, location is just a part of the complete context.

“These apps and devices are only scratching the surface. Currently, all of them require at least some user intervention or prompting. Eventually, we’ll see smarter applications that can infer more about a user, digging deeper into their interests and preferences and learning from mistakes. For instance, apps could know without explicitly asking, where a user works and lives and what their regular schedule entails, and when they might need a break–almost reading one’s mind.” Says Prima Dona, VP Product Innovation at KeyPoint Technologies, on

The future of mobile search and discovery lies with intelligent hyper-context and intent driven technologies. Proactive engagement based on users context and intent is where we see the innovation phase finally moving forward in mobile search and discovery. According to Gartner Inc., “context-aware technologies will affect $96 billion of annual consumer spending worldwide by 2015.”


User Intent Trumps Context

There’s been a new meaning to relevance with mobile in the picture. Mobile search and discovery is more intent driven than what was on the desktop. The environment and location is on a constant change. There’s a need for immediacy and higher relevancy as compared to a desktop search.

However, location, time, past actions and behaviour do not always predict the intent of a user. One of the most important variable that’s missing here is intent which varies with situation and environment. Intent driven technologies enable a more relevant user experience and mobile marketing campaigns must leverage intent-based intelligent solutions that increase brand favorability and perception.
A report from analysts at Juniper Research reveals that by 2018, the total advertising spend on mobile search & discovery will reach $16.8 billion, up from an estimated $6.4 billion in 2013.

Xploree – the Latest Innovation in Intent Driven Search and Discovery

“New opportunities lie in creating a predictive pattern to respond to a user’s need in real-time by offering relevant recommendations through need anticipation.” Prima adds.
With the intent to reach the right users at the right time with the most relevant information with an added delight element of giving them full control to access information when they want, Xploree is creating powerful mobile moment opportunities with user intent and context driven approach to mobile search and discovery.

This would mean:

  • A user on a mobile phone has an intent to book a taxi in the next hour or so, the intent arises during a conversation on a messaging app with a friend. He has instant access to contextual recommendations on booking a taxi at that very moment without launching a browser to search for one.
  • A conversation with a friend leads you to making plans for dinner and movie this evening, the recommendations are visible to you based on your intent, leading to a faster decision in the moment of need.

And many other such intent driven services and offers are accessible to Xploree users which provides a single unified, cross-app platform that’s empowering a stronger brand consumer connect on mobile. Mobile marketing is a successful only when it is able to provide a positive customer experience, gains their trust and builds loyalty in the long run. All this is possible only when we can deliver highly relevant content and offers in real-time based on user preferences and intent.

The era of mobile search and discovery enters a new phase where launching apps or browsers to search for information is soon to be history. Catering to the time-crunched and context expectations of mobile consumers, one hop, one tap, buy now buttons are changing the retail landscape of the future. In the near future we’ll hear more about how intent driven applications are transforming user experiences, excited that we are leading the trends! But as the cliché goes – the future is already here.

Xploree is available in India on Google Play. Get it here.