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Xploree Delighted by Accolades at AD:TECH New Delhi

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  • March 31, 2015December 3, 2015

Ad:tech New Delhi was a successful event for Xploree. Our management team returned from the event, quite elated and satisfied by the positive response they received from possible partners, media and event attendees. It was interesting to see how our product was creating a buzz in the hall and increased traffic to our booth as attendees shared info about Xploree with their colleagues or friends. Being called the “most innovative product at the event” sure made our day! A huge thanks to all of you who came back to tell us how you loved Xploree Search and Discovery platform and most importantly for sharing it with others!

Our session on March 20th, titled “Unfolding Hyper-Contextual and Pre-Targeting Revolution in the Mobile Moment”, by lead product manager Manish Jha, evoked curiosity and awe amongst the attendees.

We are catching up with the many new contacts we have made during the two days and are confident in bringing value to our future collaborations. Xploree was very well accepted and received which proved to be a strong validation for its innovative value proposition. The widespread coverage that Xploree received across media as one of the most talked about innovations certainly Ad:tech was a successful campaign. The upcoming Ad:tech events in India, US and SEA, will serve as a force multiplier for Xploree’s success.”

This year Ad:tech New Delhi event witnessed over 3500 attendees, 96+ Speakers, 30+ Sessions, 8 Sponsored workshops, 23 Partners and Sponsors and 58 Exhibitors. Our team at the event felt that the event was very well organized and managed by DMG events.

Adtech presence in India has been strong in the recent few years and promises to grow exponentially fuelled by mobile and tech advances and global investors interest in the Indian tech market.

“Globally, companies spent about $140 billion on digital advertising last year. One or more ad tech firms have a role to play in every one of these dollars spent. Going forward, ad tech will continue to play a crucial role in targeting ad spends precisely at the right consumers…Ad tech firms — both big and small — are re-writing the rules of advertising, changing how online campaigns are created and priced and setting goals so precise that shopping for customers is no different from say, drawing up a grocery list.” Via

Ad:tech is attracting major players in the digital marketing industry and proving to be a very useful medium for building partnerships between brands, innovations and the media community. There’s no doubt the event will get bigger and grander next year. And yes, count us in!