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Xploree is Finalist in Two Categories at the Mobile Innovations Award 2015

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  • June 11, 2015July 6, 2022
Time for another #HappyDance! It is a pleasure to see our innovation being recognized by the industry. We are going strong on the user love with the India launch for Xploree and extremely delighted by the accolades we have received so far. Adding another feather to our cap is our nomination for The Mobile Innovation Awards 2015 in the categories “Best User Experience on Mobile” and “Best Retail Innovation Using Mobile”.
What makes Xploree the Best User Experience on Mobile
Simplicity Xploree is becoming the single point of discovery for deals, discounts, and services. Reducing the multiple steps to find information on the go, users discover relevant information in one tap and without the need to launch another app or a browser to search. Hyper-contextual recommendations at the right time and even before your search had never been more easy, relevant and delightful. Non-intrusive and User-initiated Users want to avoid invasive messaging and do not want to be interrupted during their mobile interactions. Taking the annoyance factor out of marketing messages, Xploree lets users access information as and when they want. Xploree is the industry-first 100% user-initiated platform with language intelligence that’s smart enough to figure out what you want before you want it! Predictive and in the Mobile Moment Xploree is serving the right information and engaging its users in the exact moment of need or even before they end their conversation, thus creating powerful mobile moment opportunities with user intent and context driven approach to mobile search and discovery. For example, a conversation with a friend leads you to making plans for dinner and movie this evening, the recommendations are visible to you based on your intent, leading to a faster decision in the moment of need.
What makes Xploree the Best Retail Innovation Using Mobile
Closest Proximity to User Intent Xploree is based on the concept of intent-based recommendations that allows retailers, brands and marketers to deliver offers that are relevant to the users’ context. For example, two friends conversing on messaging apps express intent to go shopping that evening and during their conversation discover 50% discount offers from their favorite brands. Not only was it relevant to their context, it also influenced their purchase decisions. And of course, relevant and rewarding experiences generate strong brand affiliation and trust. Instant Brand-Consumer Connect Xploree is delivering relevant customer experience based on situational cues during user conversation on mobile that’s offering a distinct competitive advantage to brands and marketers to elevate the brand-consumer connect. The platform offers the easiest and most efficient way to reach mobile consumers who are on the go and searching for local offers, information or services. Location specific, event specific and action specific recommendations are just a tap away with the Xploree keyboard. Cross-Platform Cross-App Reach Xploree is an intelligent unified platform for connecting brands, services to consumers across all mobile apps with no SDK integration needed per app. Brands and marketers have the ability to reach consumers across apps, across social media, chat messengers, m-commerce, search etc. Thanks @Mobile_Awards, we look forward to the awards evening on October 6th, 2015 at The Roundhouse, London.  

Xploree Search and Discovery platform (patent pending by KeyPoint Technologies):